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SUDBURY, MA 01776-2460

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Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.

The mark consists of Lips bracketed on one side by a left ear and on the opposite side by a right ear.

Electronic equipment, computer hardware, and computer software programs and applications for delivering video and audio streams to a user in synchronized fashion through diverse delivery modes, the video and audio streams being either analog or digital, the video, or video and audio, streams delivered by wired or wireless network to television or video monitor, and the audio stream delivered by wired or wireless network, telephone, satellite, or broadband to users of handheld computers and mobile electronic devices, namely, computer hardware and computer software programs for separating, synchronizing, processing, delaying, receiving, and transmitting optical images and sounds, namely, computers, computer peripheral devices, televisions, monitors, audio-video equipment, closed-circuit TV equipment, telecommunication equipment, modems, hand-held computers, mobile telephones, transformers, baluns, cables wired networks, wireless networks, remote controls for televisions and monitors, network wired router and wireless routers, and smartphones; equipment for control of electrical, optical, and audio signals; transmitting, receiving, and signal processing apparatus for transmitting and synchronizing video and audio streams over server-controlled network, sub-network, and peer-to-peer network; electronic equipment and computer hardware and software for transmitting and receiving wired or wireless communications including telephone and telephone data communications; computer software for processing and transmitting video signals; computer software for processing and transmitting audio signals; computer application software for handheld computers and mobile electronic devices, namely, software for video processing, software for audio processing, software for administrative functions, and software for marketing and advertising the products of others; in-home monitor and television audio and video processing hardware and software; out-of-home monitor and television audio and video processing hardware and software

Providing audio transmission over wired and wireless networks to handheld computers and mobile electronic devices to synchronize with video provided on a separate display; providing synchronized audio and video transmission over wired and wireless networks; providing online chat rooms for transmission of messages among users of computer application software for synchronized audio and video; peer-to-peer network communication services; client server networks; application service provider, namely, providing, hosting, managing, developing, and maintaining applications, software, web sites, and databases in the fields of sports, entertainment, and informational data; wireless communication, mobile information access, and remote data management for wireless delivery of content to handheld computers and mobile electronic devices; providing access to the databases and websites of others via the internet

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Shaws-Lawson Technologies LLC
P.O. Box 1389
Wolfeboro, DE 03894
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